CBT Therapy and Clinical Supervision

Online counselling and CBT Therapy. Free 25-minute online therapy session

Online  Therapy

Online counselling gives you those same advantages as talking about your thoughts or feelings with a psychotherapist face-to-face.

Anapsys Counselling Services is a UK based practice specialised in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). The clinic was founded in 1999 by accredited BABCP Cognitive Behavioural psychotherapists. We offer online counselling sessions and supervision via Skype in a confidential and safe environment.

If you want to have a initial chat with us, we offer you a free 25-minute session to see if cognitive behavioural therapy is suitable for you.

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Online Therapist

Sylvia Buet and John Dunlop are Psychologists who are also BABCP Accredited Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapists based in the UK.

They are both experienced Psychologists online counsellors. John Dunlop also offers CBT Clinical Supervision for accredited or non-accredited therapists.

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    Pre-counselling Brochure

    Download our pre-counselling brochure to find out more about our expertise, fees, how CBT works, its effectiveness, etc.

    Counselling Brochure
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    CBT blog

    Read about interesting topics on Cognitive Behavioural therapy, how to get over someone, etc.

    Online CBT Therapy Blog
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    Directions and Opening hours

    Find here a map and some directions to know how to get to our practice as well as days and times when we are available.

    Directions and Opening Hours

What problems do we treat?

We can help if you are suffering any of the following mental health issues:


Skype Therapy

Online counselling is just as effective as in-person therapy but with the added benefits that difficult, enduring problems can be addressed adequately. Using our service is quick and convenient. Just contact us by email or phone to schedule a session. You can pay safely with PayPal.

You may benefit from online therapy if:

  • You feel easily embarrassed and usually fear talking to people in social situations.
  • You have some confidence or self-esteem issues.
  • You find it difficult to trust a therapist and prefer an online contact.
  • You fear leaving your house to see a psychotherapist because you may have a panic attack.
  • Your time is very limited due to work or family commitments.
  • You may suffer from limited mobility or any other type of incapacitation.
  • You want to save time.
  • You are an expart.
  • Other therapists have not been able to help you because your problem is complex or chronic.
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Contact us by email if you still have any further questions or wish to book an appointment. We will attempt to reply within the next 24 hours. You can also ring us to chat with us on +44(0)2890586361.

30-minute free chat

Talking to a therapist is always an important decision. You can read the answers to a comprehensive list of some frequent questions people may have before starting counselling or CBT Therapy. For example, the average duration of therapy, the process of therapy, its effectiveness, our confidentiality policy, the price of a session, etc.

This is just a sample of questions about our services that you can find on our page FAQs. We have comprehensive information about everything you need to know before making an appointment, for example:

  • What does CBT involve?.
  • How long are the sessions?.
  • What happens in a session?
  • Is it confidential?
  • How is the information I provide protected?.
  • How much do the treatment cost?.
  • How effective CBT will be?.
  • How do I pay?
  • Do I need to be computer savvy?
  • Is online therapy suitable for me?
  • How long can I expect to be in counselling?
  • What if I have to cancel my appointment?


Take the test

Before making an appointment,find out if internet therapy is suitable for you. Take this 2-minute short test and send us an email to book an appointment.